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Detailed House Addition in Montclair, NJ

Montclair, NJ – Older Home Addition

When adding an addition to an older home with a lot of details, a good contractor pays particular attention to those details. And that is exactly what this older Montclair, NJ home requires. JL Bottone has taken the time to reproduce, in painstaking detail all of the home’s existing trim work, recessed scroll work, archways, and roof-lines. Although providing this level of design and craftsmanship is logistically difficult for many contractors, JL Bottone excels at and thrives on providing this kind of exacting craftsmanship in all of our work. Whether it is a completely new home, kitchen or bathroom rennovation, or additions.

This home in Montclair, NJ required heavy steel work and needed a company that pays attention to the details to get all of the work done properly. At JL Bottone, we don’t accept a “good enough” attitude.

Our philosophy is to go above and beyond and produce an addition that is seamless and

inseparable from the original construction. That is what makes an excellent addition; seamless construction. How many times have you seen an addition that doesn’t match and blend with the design and architecture of the original home? Things like trim, siding, and windows that just scream,

“Hey look! I’m a new addition and I look out of place.” Yes, we want the homeowner to be proud of the new addition, but we don’t want to be obvious that it is a new addition. It must flow and be part of the home. This is why we say that we put our mark of excellence on every job.

John Bottone

How we match the original design of the windows.

Existing windows.

Custom window framing.

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