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What to do Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

If you are considering remodeling your bathroom, there are a few things you should think about in advance. This is a big project and there will be a number of factors that could hinder or even interrupt progress if you don’t plan effectively. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your course, even before you call in a New Jersey contractor.

Step 1 – What Do You Need and What Will It Cost?

One of the best parts of a bathroom remodel is taking apart the bathroom you bought when you moved into a house and creating the one you’ve always wanted. But before you make a laundry list of things you’d like included in your bathroom, ask yourself what you actually need.

The first question should be how many people will use that bathroom. Do you have multiple bathrooms in your home or is this the main bath used by four or more people? If it is the latter, you’ll want a bathroom that is easy to clean and large enough for people passing each other to brush teeth or fill water glasses. If it is a private bath, however, you may have more leeway in what you have installed.

Additionally, think about the cost of bathroom remodeling. Most people consider installation of new fixtures like a low flow toilet or shower head and a new sink and vanity, but there are other things involved as well, including new tile, wall tile, paint and even potential upgrades like radiant floor heating. Set a budget well in advance so you know exactly what you can afford as you start the renovation process.

Step 2 – Accessibility and Access

When you remodel a bathroom you can choose where things are located, their height and whether there are any accessibility options like shower bars. Other possible additions you might be interested in include toilet rooms, shower stalls and dual sinks – these make a bathroom a more viable room for multiple people instead of the winner takes all space that they are by default.

Step 3 – Technical Upgrades and Permits

Finally, call in a contractor and figure out if you need any technical upgrades for the space. Wiring in particular tends to be woefully out of date in most bathrooms, especially in older New Jersey homes. Outline a plan for updating the wiring, lighting and even the hot water supply. If anything is not up to code, it should be renovated now as well and make sure to discuss with your contractor what options are available before selecting any one.

Bathroom renovation in New Jersey can be a fun project – one filled with opportunities to turn your bathroom into a truly wonderful place to be. To learn more about the process and the options that are available to you, contact a professional like JL Bottone today.

At JL Bottone, we specialize in bathroom remodeling for the following New Jersey towns:

  • Warren

  • Watchung

  • Berkeley heights

  • Summit

  • New providence

  • Basking ridge

  • Westfield

  • Short hills

  • Millburn

  • Chatham

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