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How to Find a Reputable Contractor

With so many contractors out there it can leave you feeling overwhelmed when starting your search. The best ways to find a contractor used to be through the Yellow Pages and/or word of mouth. Today there are so many more options and much better ways to view a contractors reputation and reliability before even making contact. Here are a few of the most popular ways my customers have reported finding the right general contractor.

1) Google Search

Most customers start and end their search in Google. Generally this yields a group of local companies in your area that offer the services that match your query. While a good first step, I don't recommend this be your only step. Generally it is best to take the contractors you find through search and then do a deeper dive on each to check out reputation, feedback and more.

2) HomeAdvisor/Angie's List

These two sites specialize in helping customers find the right pros for their jobs. They take all of the information about you and the details of your project and match you with the contractors in your area who offer the service you need. These sites provide you with all types of information about each contractor including real "verified" customer reviews, licencing info and much more. Angie's list has been around longer (since 1995) but I have found HomeAdvisor to be much better at matching up pros with the right job. HomeAdvisor also do a much better job at providing a complete website experience.

3) Word of Mouth

Last but not least is word of mouth. With all the technology and options out there, I still find this to be the way most of my customers find me. People like the peace of mind of mind and trust that this method provides. Nobody is going to refer someone to you that they feel did a bad job. Ask around it really pays off!

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